Royal Military Canal at Hythe

Explore the Coastal Town of Hythe

The town of Hythe is located in the district of Folkestone and is well worth a visit for a short break. Those who enjoy a taste of history combined with a lovely coastline will find much to admire here. This blog will introduce visitors to the historical sites in this Cinque Port and advise on the best places to eat and where to find magnificent sea views. Antique shops are prevalent in Hythe, and there is a famous farmer's market. After shopping, a ride on the Hythe Light Railway will add the perfect end to a busy day.

Hythe: A Nice Place to Live

15 Apr 2021

The question that many people ask is whether the city of Hythe is a nice place to live? Well, Hythe is an English town with a small population size. And with its exciting nature, artists, and villas, it is an exciting place to live, especially for middle class people.

Where to Shop in Hythe

7 Mar 2021

Rarely will a tour of any town be complete without shopping. Buying an item will always serve as a constant reminder of the good times you had in that town. In the case of Hythe, you can shop at Temptations Boutique, Shoreline Vintage, Teeny Weeny World, the Malthouse, or Wow.

What Are the Best Hotels Near Hythe Beach

1 Feb 2021

Where to stay and eat is usually the most important concern for any traveler. If your next trip will be on Hythe Beach, then you have a plethora of hotels to stay in. These, among others include, The Ship Hotel, Captain Howey Hotel, and Hythe Imperial Hotel.